Hello Axemen

I'm boggling my head with my Epiphone Dot. I put on some Dean Markley strings for the guitar about 6 months ago and all well.

But my question is. Why does my 3rd string have to sound so dull even though it's perfectly in tune. The other strings are just fine, but that G-string might be busted even though it haven't snapped?

I'm used to playing an acoustic with a wound 3rd string, so I'm aware of how it will sound differently.
I would say replace the strings first and foremost, 6 months is a LONG time to have 1 set of strings.
It is a lot. But id have to say that i usually have the same problem with my Epiphone Standard. The G string always sounds a little dull, even with newish strings on. Why? im not sure. Maybe something to do with intonation(sp?), or how the guitar was made maybe. I've heard others talking about this, so yeh.

Change your strings, then see how you go.
Thanks for the response guys.

I'll just go restring it then and see if a new set will sound better.