For about the first year that I had my acoustic guitar I used Phosphor Bronze strings. There was a little bit of buzzing on my A and D strings, even when playing them open. Recently, I've switched to medium gauge Silk and Steel strings. I'm still learning, and they're a little bit easier to play (plus the sound is a little softer, which I like).

After switching though, I have terrible buzzing on all of my strings lower down on the neck. For the low E string it's particularly noticeable, and starts at about the 5th fret. By the 7th fret, that string is entirely unplayable; it's just a metallic rattling. The A string starts buzzing next at about the 7th fret, and gets really bad by about the 9th fret. After the 9th fret, all of the strings are buzzing.

I've changed strings just in case it was just that particular set of strings, but it seems that any Silk and Steel strings I use have the same problem. If I take my guitar in to the shop near my house, is this something that they can easily fix? From what I've read, it sounds like my truss rod may need an adjustment. How much, on average, would this usually run? I'd like to keep using Silk and Steel strings, but I don't want to pay a fortune to do it.

Thanks for your help!
check whether the neck is dead straight, if its bent, you need to adjust the truss rod. if thats not the issue, then try raising the action, that mite do the trick.
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