Hey Guys,

Charlie Dominici, the former lead singer if Dream Theater, will be on Alternagold on VICRadio.org in the coming weeks. We are trying to nail down a time and date so we will let you know. But post your questions here and see if we ask them on air!

ALSO! Derek Sherinian may come on, so post your questions for him too!

Ill let you guys know when they will be on. We think Dominici will be on March 20th, between 9pm and 12 pm EST on http://vicradio.org
Sherinian will probably be on the next week, same time, same place.

We have some more interviews coming up too, I'll keep y'all informed!

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Thanks for the info but I think this should probabely go in the prog/modern rock threads rather than here.

I'll try to listen to this though.