Ok guys - I'm somewhat unhappy with my Traynor YCV40 right now. The clean just isn't clean enough for me in all honesty. It may have something to do with the tubes, one is a Mesa and one is a Groove Tube. I bought it used off eBay and still have been too lazy to swap out the tubes for some JJ's or Svetlana's. It's got a V30 in it.

But anyway, the clean doesn't feel like it's as clean as I want it. Not only that, I think it breaks up too early. One thing I really want to know is this; will changing the tubes effect how early it breaks up and the tone that much?

If it won't then I think I'm going to try and sell the Traynor and buy a Silverface Twin Reverb. Pristine cleans - 100watts(or is it 85? I know the reissue is 85w) so it won't break up too early. But I want to know this: with a good OD pedal, does this amp do rock really well? I seem to remember hearing that, but I can't recall if it's true or not. I can't think of any bands right now, but I'm going for a more modern tone. I don't do/want anything high gain.

The reason I'm even considering this is because at the given moment I'll be able to pick one up for maybe 500-550 if I'm lucky. And I paid about 450 for my traynor. So...opinions guys?
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I would say at that price I would do it for sure. I'm not an expert on this amp so basically I'm just giving you a bump.

The thing that caught my attention though was the two power tubes you have. It was my understanding that power tubes need to be 'matched' so having 2 differnet manufacturers seems odd. Maybe they were biased that way on purpose and are 'matched'.

Some power tubes are going to break up earlier than others. You may just need to re-tube the Traynor. Silver faced "master volume" amps sell in that range all the time, but are about the least desirable twin of the "twins". (If it's not a master volume amp it's a good deal.) Some people like the cleans and drive it with pedals, they take pedals well. It's not a great deal really as better fenders show up in or near that range. It could just be the tubes in your traynor though, that's a good amp too. I'd research the type of tubes that have later break up for more headroom. I'm going the other direction with break up so I can't rec something, lol.
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