Hello everyone im new here and i had some questions related to Arbor guitars, and more specifically the Arbor LP style seen here.

Arbor LP

Does anyone have any experience with Arbor guitars if so what?

I saw this guitar in a local shop and i was able to play it and as far as i can tell it shreds. The guy in the store was trying to deal on it to, but then again that guy trys to deal on everything. He also had a couple arbors that had floyd rose trems on em that he was pushing as well they were only a bit more but i really like the LP body.

Any advice or comments would be helpful.


I don't know what your budget is or what style of guitar you play. But I've never heard of Arbor guitars before and have no idea what their quality level is. If you want a good LP styled guitar that's solid and not a lot of dough I'd recommend looking that the PRS SE Singlecuts. In my honest, humble and unbiased (I've never owned a PRS and have no desire to own one, but have played them extensively) opinion, every bit as good as the US models (minus the pickups, but that's a cheap replacement). Sorry I totally went and curb stomped your question, just thought I'd offer you a helpful suggestion.
For that budget and that typw of thing in genrall I would recommend that you take a look at some of the spear guitars. I own a spear gladius sp and it does the job. That is to say my friends who know alot about guitars tell me that it is good, i am very much a beginer so i cant say much. They do steal it a bit to often so they are either working really hard to confuse me or it is a good guitar.

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Yea when i walked into the shop today I had never heard of Arbors either, but that guy had like a whole wall of them. Im generally hesitant about off brand guitars but it sure felt solid so i just thought i would check in with you guys.

As for my experience im still learning but this would be my third guitar my first was a peavey raptor which if anyone has played a raptor knows i wanted to get as far from that thing as possible. My next was a fender acoustic which i play the most but now i kinda want another electric so i was just browsing and saw the arbor, and thought i would ask.
Agathis body, nato neck, 25" scale.
The only thing les paul about that is the shape.
If you have no problem with that then go for it. Otherwise I'd say keep looking.
Check out some Agiles, Ibanez, ESP's, look used also, you may can score a good gibson for che..... no you can't score a gibson for cheap, people are too proud of the name on the headstock on those guitars, regardless of the quality .
I'll agree with the last guy. Looking on ebay and craigslist is a wonderful way to find great gear for next to nothing. Heck, that's how I got my guitar and amp (musicman axis super sport rosewood, $900 and a fargen olde 800 1x12 combo for $1K; both of those go for about twice what I payed for them).
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Why hasnt anyone mentioned Agile yet.

they use better materials no.

to my knowledge they use actual wood not nato crap and its the same price right.


I mentioned Agile 5 minutes before you posted.