Ok so my guitar is ****ed up.. my action is high from like the 5th fret i think to the 24th and the other 4 just dont move when i adjust the action.. i also get fret buzz on my low E.. how can i fix it so my action is the same throughout the whole guitar neck and get rid of the fret buzz.. and btw leave instructions on how to do it thank you
It could require a simple adjustment of the truss rod. Google search "Truss Rod Adjustments", as I'm not 100% sure on the procedure.

I do know one thing though. Don't rush it. If you screw it up and snap the truss rod, you gotta replace the neck.
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stick an Allen key into the guitar neck, pull towards you a 1/4 turn. wait 15 min. repeat as needed. if it bends backwards, turn the truss rod the other way. once its straight, set the action as desired. very slight bend is ok, make sure its bending away from your body though and extremely little.
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The truss rod is a touchy subject, make sure you know 100% what you're doing before you make any adjustments, or you could mess up your neck, as said before. You may even want to take it to a shop just to be safe, it shouldn't cost more than $10 anyway.