Every song ever written.

Seriously though..umm, way to many to name, but favorites to jam on are, voodoo child, purple haze, killing in the name, a few staind songs, when the levee breaks, far away and over the hills, kashmir, all of my love, some boston, basically a bunch of classic rock, and few modern things like staind, mudvayne, alterbridge.
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I'd like to introduce you to my good friend, the search bar.
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I'd like to introduce you to my good friend, the search bar.

yeah dude check him out, he is a pretty cool guy
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most people here can play many songs and would not be bothered to list them all. if you'd like to talk about learning songs on guitar, try the 'guitar & bass basics' forum. if you'd like to learn a song but can't find a tab for it, try 'tab talk'.

each forum has a purpose, please do not make large amounts of threads in a forum if they do not belong there and if they do not incite an interesting discussion.

using the search bar before you make a thread is also a good idea. people get bored of the same questions being asked over and over.
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