So I got a new computer a few weeks ago (Compaq Presario CQ60)
So far it's been a pretty good computer to me. But for a while now, it's been making this horrible scratching noise. I'm pretty sure I've tracked it down to the hard drive.
Before I get 100% saying "Your hard drive is going to die, back it up and buy a new one"
Let me point out that this laptop is less than 2 months old, there's absolutely no reason why the hard drive should be dying. It's also been going on long enough that if the hard drive was going to crash, it probably would have already. It doesn't sound like the typical grinding or clicking noise. It's sounds like electricity or something almost. It's like 1 second long, but it happens over and over again. But it doesn't happen all the time. Like it stopped about 5 minutes ago, and who knows when it'll happen again. I can't seem to find what/if anything triggers it.

So Pit, any idea what this sound could be?

I'm not getting a Mac.
take it back to the shop its under warranty

Bedit: Why has the pit recently turned into a computer help forum. not an hour goes by without a "pit fix my computer thread"
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I'm usually answering in those threads, to be honest.
But there's quite a few people here with computer knowledge, and searching the internet, so far, has gotten me no answers, so I figured I'd try my hand at the Pit.
Get a mac :P

no seriously, I'm having kind of the same problem with my PC.
that's why I got another and put everything on it but the old one still hasn't died after 1 year and a half of that noise. weird, eh?
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if your using the dvd drive alot it could be that my one on my acer is loud if your not take it back and get a replacement
take it to the only computer thread.

my 2 cents though: it's possibly a hard drive or optical drive (dvd burner, etc) and if it's the hard drive then it's probably a pretty bad sign. just because something is new, doesn't mean it isn't faulty. take it back to where you bought it asap.
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