How to connect PC to AMP i have this AMP

What cable i need pls give me name and photo and where to connect in pc and where to connect on amp.

My sound card is SB Live 5.1

Tnx for your help !!! LOVE AND PEACE
Run through a POD or something into the soundcard.

Guitar -> Pod -> Soundcard

I don't think a DI from the headphone out on the amp will work.
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How you mean POD ? what is POD ?

I need only this or ?

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the pod is made by line 6 it's a preamp/effects board that is hadheld depending on what model you have
POD is a line 6 product, really useful for recording.

Plug your guitar into it, then that into the soundcard, and choose a patch and eq. Great for recording with, dead simple, since it bypasses any sort of microphone to amp placement and studio silence, which is hard to maintain in a domestic setting, for example.
Ppl ok but i dont need that i can record and do all with my PC can i connect my AMP and PC
with this cable only without eny more item.

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That's all you should need. Plug the Red/White ends into the front of your amp, and plug the black end into your sound card's "Line In" port.
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tnx a lot. i have all i need and that cable but why this man`s talk about DI or something O.o ?
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Direct input.

It doesn't matter, I forgot that the frontman has audio composite output. Never mind!
I assume you are trying to record to your PC from your amp. If so the red and white are useless, because they are inputs; unless you are trying to play stuff on your computer through your amp. Since your sound card does not have a 1/4 input, the cheapest and easiest way I see to connect your amp to your PC would be to get a "1/4-to-1/8" adapter. Plug in a guitar cable into your "Headphones" output then the adapter on the other end and plug into your computers "line in" or "microphone" input. The other way would be to just get a Direct Input box or a USB/Firewire mixer. I am not a fan of DI recording (Usually sounds pretty processed/fake), but I used to do it, but with a mixer. I used the "Headphones/Out" on my amp and it worked fine, so that shouldn't be a problem. I would recommend splurging and getting a decent DI box or USB mixer.

As for the adapter you could get something like this for only a few dollars: