looked at the marshall chart and didnt see it.

how good are marshall JCM 600s?

someones selling one for 350[USD]$ w/out tubes
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Look on the marshall site its been awhile since I looked though so I cant tell you anything...
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marshall sites say nothing. its all bs
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Totally awesome, I love you.

Have my children.

I was in the market for this amp before I decided on the JCM 900. Theres some videos on YouTube of people demo'ing it that will give you an idea of the sound. 350 is a so-so price since it doesnt have tubes. If prices for tubes/labor are similar to what they are for my 900, youre looking at another $150 possibly for parts/labor. Looks like a good amp though
Funny this topic came up, just yesterday I was chattin' with a local amp tech and this amp got brought up. He called it a "sleeper" in the amp market, and said it's very comparable to a JCM 800, some even say a Plexi in tone. If that's true and it works and is in good shape, I'd think it'd be worth that even without the tubes.

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its a great amp, i used to have one .
they where sold in the 90's i believe, i bought mine in 1998 and sold it a year later when i went to college since it was way to loud for my dorm room.
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That is a good deal! Low gain - highly underrated IMO.

My friend has one...
It's not low gain...
It does Thrash easy.