Hey whats up

Basically we're a metal band influenced mainly by:

Iron Maiden
Black Label Society
Guns N Roses

And so on

We would like someone aged 13ish - 16ish who will be able to play face melting solos and stuff like that.
We'll be writing our own material and possibly recording it at some badass studio down in London in the summer so we're serious about this, but we want someone that we can have a laugh with as well.

Please reply if your interested because we're not arrogant and we're not gonna screw you around.

We will be needing a drummer and maybe bassist as well so if you know any that would help because we're kicking them out.
(Musical differences)

We might call ourselves Fall Of Icarus or something badass.We're open for ideas for a band name.

Here's a little logo I made:

hey. how technical does the facemelting need 2 get outta curiosity? btw whereabouts in leeds are u based?
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