I just bought a Toneport UX2, and the shop guy said I would be able to download POD farm for free. However I have not been able to find this on the line 6 website. Does anyone know how (or if?) I might be able to do this?

It probably depends on how much you paid. They sell it with and without Pod Farm. You might have got duped. I think the newer version with Pod Farm is called Pod Studio.

Try here...


But you may only be able to get the trial. You need to register an account with your serial number.
did you get the line 6 monkey on the disk? if so ya need to install that, if not ya can get it from the line 6 site, then ya download pod farm using that.
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Thanks guys. I know about pod studio, but the toneport was cheaper and they said it came with the same software so...

I have got monkey, I shall try it now, thanks.
it'll work, i got my toneport GX about a year ago and I got Pod Farm for free.
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You do know Pod Farm works like a VST, right? It's a plug-in, not a standalone program.

Nope its mainly a standalone. Not even sure if it is VST compatiable even.

Back to the question, I upgraded my gearbox gold for free up to the Pod Farm Platinum through a link provided by the monkey. My only problem with pod farm is that it doesnt have the built in metronome which was a handy built-in feature on the gearbox software.
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