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Heyy, is this is the wrong place for this thread just let me know and i'll shift it, but yeah ...
Right basically Slash's new album is meant to be coming out soon, and he can't release who is meant to be singin with him on it, so who would you like to see on it ??

No actually I wouldn't.
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David Lee Roth
Bruce Dickinson
Rob Halford
Sebastian Bach
Bret Micheals
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T3H j0n@S bRo73rs!!!111!!one!!1

Sad thing is,it's probably gonna happen
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Tom Jones
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Eddie Vedder or Sabastian Bach
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Epic post. Wish I could say more, but I don't know much about the subconscious and other psychological stuff.
No one.

Slash just needs to stop. Nothing since "Appetite for Destruction" has been worth listening to, and all but two of those songs are REALLY worth listening to.

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Aaron lewis of staind
Maynard from tool and apc
Corey taylor of stone sour, slipknot

Corey would be pretty awesome :P
the grim reaper, hopefully they'll shake hands/manly embrace at the very beginning of the recording session...
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Corey would be pretty awesome :P

Hell yea, his got one of the best rock voices ever IMO.

no siriusly i am
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Book of shadows 2?
I dunno. I do now that an Michael Jackson - Slash reunion would absolutely kick ass though. Has anyone ever heard "Give Into Me"? Easily one of MJ's best songs and Slash's best performance (from what I heard from him)
David Lee Roth and Sebastian Bach would both be epic.

Axl Rose and Scott Weiland would bring back some bad memories.
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I would like to see slash and MJ again ... but then he said people he's worked with before so who knows
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Chris Barnes.

Funny I was considering putting Corpsegrinder.
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real soon? He's just going into the studio NOW, how could that possibly be conceived as soon, given the speed of all the GNR and VR projects he's been involved with Id say you'll be lucky to have it this time next year
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No one. Instrumental would be cool. Well, maybe a singer on a couple tracks.
Alice Cooper, Izzy and i've got a feeling that Robert Plant will be on a track. I'm also certain thats Joe Perry is gonna make an appearance.
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I'd like to see his fucking stupid hat be burned in a fire.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

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