Alrighty, so my new problem is when I record I often find myself much worse than when I play freely not recording. I know this is a common thing, but it is getting frusterating, because as soon as the red dot for recording comes on, I cant focus and loose everything. So the question is to my fellow comrades, how do you cope with this problem/ practice to overcome it. I have tried recording a messup and then recording a serious track to trick my mind into thinking i already messed up so I can relax. That seems to help me the most but still it is really annoying!
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Get used to play under pressure.. recording uselly puts pressure on you and that's why you screw up.. you'll get used to it!
get really good so even when you suck you're awesome
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Start recording everything you do, even practices and stuff like that. Should help you get used to being recorded, and then the jitters should go away in time.
Play gigs. You can't get any more pressure than that. Studio recording doesn't put pressure on me if I'm honest. Take a few deep breaths, make sure you're in a warm environment, and have a run through the song first. All I don't like is the headphones, but I got used to that after a while.
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Well, I have been recording for a couple years and it still takes me an unnecessary amount of tries, because I am a perfectionist that way. I make one very, very tiny mistake and I stop and have to redo it, which has led band mates to go do something else for the day while I record. Playing live shows is a good way to learn to play under pressure, I know it has helped me become more proficient with my music, and in return more proficient in the studio. Other than that, the more time you spend doing it the better you will get at playing proficiently in the studio. Another tip that works for me is that when I am recording I like to set a a couple bars of just clicks, or a number of bars back in the song to get the flow going, if you know what I mean. Good luck to ya!
If You can edit your track, ie take specific pieces of it, just record everything you play and cut when you start the piece and end it.
Or, if your like me and can't edit, just practice until you have it down on a whim and relax. If you do this enough, it should become natural.
I just hate recording to a metronome (a must with no drummer) because I start focusing too much on being in time and not worrying at all about what I am playing.
Get some decent recording software and learn how to do basic editing. It's not that hard. With a little know-how, you can take a generally crappy take and turn it into a masterpiece. Knowing what you can do with edits can take some of the recording pressure off.

If you have to do it in 1 take, well... that's where you have to rely on your skills a lot more.