Hey guys, I'm working up an amp build for the summer, and found a cool little 8 watt amp to build, but I had a qeustion.

I want to build a 4x8" cab for it, but to get it to match the 8ohms requirement of the amp I would have to wire four 8ohm speakers in series-parallel like so: two pairs of 2 speakers in series with eachother and then wire those paris in parallel with eachother to get an overall resistance of 8ohms. Marshall did this with 4x12" cabs, so I was pretty sure I could do it with mine, but is there anything wrong with my wiring plans? Will I be working the speakers decently well with that kind of a wiring set up?

While I'm at it, as cool as this forum is, almost no amp building goes on here. Where are some other forums and such that are dedicated to amp building? What about literature, anyone have a favorite book they used to get started with amp building? I've read through Dave Hunter's book a few times and his schematic is probably the one I'll be using.
No Idea for part 2, but As far as I can tell, your speaker wiring sounds correct.