As some of you may know, last week I purchased a beautiful Fender MiM Strat for $300 and it sounds amazing. It was in pristine condition with not a scratch on it. When I got the guitar last week it came equipped with standard .09's that come on most new guitars. But about 5 mins ago while I was jamming my high E broke (Only the second time I've broken a string in 4 years). My question is would it be okay to toss a .11 in it's place until I can run to the store tomorrow and get it checked out? I'd put the whole pack of .11-.54 strings on it but it's currently set up for .09's, so I'd like to hold off until I can get it set up and make sure nothing is wrong with the bridge. I've inspected the bridge and found nothing visually wrong with it. The last time I broke my high E on a different guitar was bridge related.

When the string broke, I was simply bending the 12th fret only a half step. Another note is that I play in Eb standard, so there isn't as much tension as usual. But back to my question, would it be okay to toss the .11 on there? My first instinct was to go ahead and restring it, but I figured that I might as well double check.
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