I'm looking at a Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Head on eBay, and on the front "grille" it has an emblem saying "Mesa/Boogie" on it. I've also seen the same head with just "Boogie" instead. I was just wondering what the difference is between the 2.
nothing. it's just a thing you can chose when you custom order one.

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it's probably just different logos from different years like an 07 and an 08 might look a bit different on the outside but internally they are the same amp
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Take it to the Calling Mesa Owners, someone there will be able to tell you for sure.
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i don't remember exactly but mine says mesa in some places, boogie in other, and mesa/boogie only once i think ahha
~ "Mesa Engineering" is the official name of the company started by Randall Smith, a Mercedes mechanic and amplifier technician, used so he would have something "professional" sounding when he ordered parts.

~ In the late 60's Carlos Santana accidentally came up with the name "Boogie" by playing through one of Smith's projects and saying something along the lines of "Man, that thing really boogies!"

~ In 1972, Mesa Engineering released an amplifier named the "Boogie", characterized by having a unique hot rodded Fender tone (similar to Howard Dumble's amps) and by having more gain on tap than virtually anything up to this point in history. Later everyone would remember this amp as the Mark 1.

~ For most of the company's existence the then-current incarnation of the "Boogie", or "Mark Series" as it's now most commonly referred, was the flagship amplifier. Over time, everyone (including Mesa Engineering I think) just started tossing the terms "Mesa" and "Boogie" around synonymously, and nowadays we have a lot of confused people as a result.

I took the "Boogie" logo off of mine as it was just too much to explain every time I took it out.
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