So recently ive decided to buy a new head to replace my Peavey VK. Ive decided on the Peavey Ultra Plus. But due to rarity ive searched around and came across the Peavey Rockmaster preamp on ebay. From what i understand this is basically the Ultra Plus preamp. Is this preamp comparable to the Ultra Plus and is it a good piece of gear in your opinion? And also if i do procure this preamp what would be a good power amp to compliment it? My budget atm is arund 450 to 500, but i would like to keep it around the 400 range if possible. I play death metal. And i am new to rack gear. Thank you.
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The Carvin T100 and TS100 are commonly available between $400 and $500. 100 watts all tube mono or 2x50 watts stereo.
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