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hi guys, im selling my friends Vee on behalf of him

its exactly one of these


in black, only used about ten times, one or two minor dings but is in perfect condition

there 130 new, anything around 80-100 and i shall be happy, any trades considered (pedals preffered)

these are great guitars, really nice build for such a cheap guitar, RHCP94 has one of these he modded and is certaintly pleased

alder body, maple neck, suprisingly good harware and electronics, i had a quick noodle and was really impressed with the nice tone it produced

pics in the next few days
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dude i dont think the bodys mad eout of Alder on that, it would be alot more expensive if it was, think staggs are made out of a cheaper material
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website specs

Pickups: 2 x Humbucker

- Controls: 2 x Volume + 1 x Tone

- Pickup Selector Switch: 3-way

- Body: Solid Alder

- Neck: Hard Maple, bolt-on,628 mm, (24,75 in.)

- Fingerboard: Rosewood

, 22 frets

- Bridge: fixed Tune-O-matic-style

- Machine Heads: diecast, nickel

- Hardware: Nickel -

Colour: Black.
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The body is alder, When building my Vee I got a body from one of these and it was awesome