I have a choice to either go see lamb of god with children of bodom and as i lay dying or black label society with sevendust, they reason i have to choose between them is because they are at the same venue on the same weekend and i cant afford both, which show is better for those who have seen them?
i havn't seen any of them live, but i have CoB's DVD & they look like they play a good show!

plus i'll be favouring LoG + CoB + A.I.L.D cos i prefer them bands
Pick the one with Lamb of God, COB, & AILD

Winds of Plague
All Shall Perish
Impending Doom
The Black Dahlia Murder
Beneath the Massacre

sevendust sucks.. bls is meh live.. boring rather..

ive never been disapointed by municpal waste/bodom/or Log. AILD blows tho

go for bodom/log
im toronto?

im going to see both in april, gunna be sweet. but if you are going to toronto for bodom, they ran out of floor tickets, so have fun sitting in the stands....
LOG live are awesome

its worth it for the wall of death
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Black Label!

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As I LAy Dying is amazing....screw zack wylde

i don't know bout all that now... AILD is a pretty standard boring metalcore band... granted all zakk does is wank id take him over aild anyday..

but still log/bodom ftw