Hey GB&A,

Later this year I was looking to sound proof my room so that I could have someplace in my house that I could be alone to play guitar. I was going to buy a new Carvin but I think this is a little bit more important. ( )

I just wanted to ask if anyone has done this before and how much it cost them? Also what material did you use and how much noise does it block out?
I don't have much money, as I am only 15, so suggestions on cheap soundproofing are much appreciated.




Plaster Boards, Carpet cuts, Cardboard...

my Cellar is coated with random stuff, does the job fairly well...

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well sound proofing isnt going to be cheap. the main part of sound proofing is a special kind of drywall that has special molecules that absorbs sound.
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buy headphones for your amp
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buy headphones for your amp

Yes I was going to do that, but it's also sort of for a room where I can just chill, and not have to worry as much about annoying my parents.



I had several heavy rugs in a closet taking up space. I hung those on the walls to dampen the sound. The egg crate looking foam sheet foam would work also. If you know somebody who works at a carpet place maybe they have some remnants or a bunch of those sample squares they have in the showroom.
Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and buy some foam blocks, they interlock with eachother and are meant for the floor, but you could use them on the walls. They come in packs of 4 in black, or assorted colors. They are about the size of a 4x12 amp Cab, so they could cover a wall easily.
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first, use google since this sort of information is easily available online with multiple methods of varying cost. the internet is an amazing resource for this sort of thing.

second, your goal is building up density. something to slow down the low frequencies from bleeding thru the wall.

third, unless you decide to go all out and spend some serious money on a doorway there will still be leakage thru your door, and windows, and floor, and ceiling.

the "egg" shaped foam is not for sound proofing. it's for deadening the liveliness of the room which is why you seem them in post studios and vocal booths, places where you dont need unwanted reflections.

buy headphones. it'll be a lot cheaper
My parents own a lumber/hardware store, I've worked there and I know of hearing about some sort of material that was literally called "sound board". I'm not sure what it is but I think its' use is obvious, to dampen outside sound but it may well dampen the sound if place across a room. I was actually considering something like this a while back, I'll ask my dad tomorrow about it and get back to you.
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My parents own a lumber/hardware store, I've worked there and I know of hearing about some sort of material that was literally called "sound board". I'm not sure what it is but I think its' use is obvious, to dampen outside sound but it may well dampen the sound if place across a room. I was actually considering something like this a while back, I'll ask my dad tomorrow about it and get back to you.

you talking bout that highly flammable brown fiber board that smells like tea? that just by itself doesnt really do much and is much more effective at keeping sounds out of a room than it is at keeping them in.
Waaay back in my first band (in like '94, '95; I'm an old feller), we would practise in the other guitarist's parents' basement, a room about 25' x 15'. The parents would complain because we'd turn our amps up full blast and play godawful Metallica cover versions. Let's just say we'd all just started learning our instruments, and the band wasn't the tightest (I regularly had to count the drummer in on songs, if that's any indication). So we were not only bad, we were obnoxiously loud with it.

After the parents had yelled at us for like the 30th time, we decided "hey, we need to soundproof the rehearsal space" (we called it the "rehearsal space", like it wasn't full of boxes of crap and old ping-pong tables). Obviously, we had no money whatsoever. Somehow, somewhere, one of us heard that cardboard is an effective sound insulation. This was our first mistake. Nevertheless, the solution was easy and and we thought "great, we can pick up old cardboard boxes for free from the supermarket": second mistake (we had to enlist the help of the parents as drivers to take us to the supermarket and load up the car with old boxes, because we were all too young to drive. The parents seemed resentful about this).

Then, third and most egregious mistake: we hadn't actually given much consideration as to how we would affix all this cardboard to the wall. I think we just assumed we'd nail or screw it into place. The parents didn't want any holes being made in their walls, but we were allowed to use masking tape as it wouldn't mar the paint.

So there we were, trying to fasten these huge, flattened-out sheets of cardboard to the wall with nothing but masking tape. We'd get one wall done and start on the second, and then the first wall's cardboard "soundproofing" would slowly and comically peel off. In one piece. A 15' x 9' sheet of cardboard and tape slowly sagging to the floor.

Moral of the story, TS: do NOT bother with cardboard. It may have some use as a soundproofing/ sound dampening material: personally, I could never make the damn stuff stay put long enough to find out.

I strongly recommend the headphones suggestion, though: headphones have often allowed me to stay up playing all night. You might also want to consider getting an attenuator. Obviously, these solutions aren't as much fun as cranking the amp and jumping around the room, but more importantly, you will be able to play without pissing other people off.

And as I think we can all agree, playing guitar is far preferable to not playing guitar.
Sound gets out of a room in two ways: through the structure of wall,floor ceiling by making them vibrate and round these structures through air leaks.

Air leaks are easiest and cheapest to deal with, tape up gaps round windows and doors, run a sealant gun along under skirting boards. Obviously you can't seal the door you go in and out of so deal with this by using draught excluder and placing cushions against the bottom of the door. If possible hang a heavy curtain across the door.
plug gaps in the floorbards with papier mache or sealant/filler and cover the floor with heavy carpet/underlay.

Dealing with the panels is probably not on until you own your own house. It is achieved by addin weight to the walls and damping the resonance of panels. Heavy plasterboard panels screwed to a framework with a resilient rubber strip sandwiched behind the board is one way as is putting a rubber strip between the floorboards and joists.

Absorbent wall hangings and floor treatments and acoustic panels are not about reducing transmission to other rooms but about absorbing sound to improve the acoustics of the room you are in. By reducing reverberant sound they may reduce overall sound levels but that is not their main function.
Knurled wooden walls
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