My nephew wants to get into computer-based recording. He wants to "make beats" and rap. I have a firepod and an mbox 2 with protools and reason, as well as a line 6 keystation. I was hoping to find a more affordable set-up for him. Thanks.
Get reason and cubase off a torrent site, maybe one of the low end Line 6 tone ports and a cheap mic, should do the job. Could also get a cheap USB keyboard off Ebay if you're feeling generous
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torrent fruity loops and get some mic and low-end DI box and a mic

all he needs
PRS SE custom Cherryburst
dean razorback V (green/black) currently on ebay
Digitech Death metal pedal [wanting to sell - £15]
Zoom G1X [wanting to sell - £25]
Line6 UX1 (with metal shop add on)