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whoa. all joined in months starting with an "A" in 2007 weird. and you can tune down with a capo
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You would have to tune the strings down below C a half step, then use a capo at the first fret, but yeah, you can do it. You would have to be dumb though...
lol is that reall a logical question?i mean think about what a capo does.
it closes on the frets higher to make a higher tuning
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no you can't...
learn the tuning notes for E, and learn the order of notes...
A capo obviously moves up the scale!
You could if you wanted to play an octave higher....but you don't
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but the capo on the second fret tune the guitar to standard tuneing remove the capo you will be in DGCFAD from there you jsut have to tune the low D to a C
If you were in Drop D, to get to Drop C, you would put the capo on the 10th fret.

Drop C is a step down (2 frets down) and capos can only be used too barre the whole strings so that you don't have to tune up.

They don't have the ability to down-tune I'm afraid.

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I guess you could always tune to drop d and capo the 10th fret.. its drop c but an octave up.. which is kinda stupid.

But hey, you asked.
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If you were playing a seven-string in dropped-A, you could use a capo on the third fret. Wouldn't really be "dropped," though. Man, that was a really stupid question. That's like saying, "can I get sober by pounding a bunch of beers?" Technically, you can, but it's not the most efficient way of doing it.
Don't ever tune a guitar with a capo on unless you're going to be playing it with it on.