So long story short my friends dk2m has dents and dings on a side of his guitar, now i know you guys think they`re cool and stuff so do i , but this actually hinders comfort because its deep enough to put the tip of you`re finger in. i ll post tommorrow when i go over his house with my camera. anyways what kind of wood filler do you recommend to fill up the dings and we`re going to be sanding down the whole thing so what kind of sand paper should we be looking at ? he gonna be using a palm sander if that changes anything. and after that hes gonna take it to his dad`s autoshop to get it painted professionally , so we`ll post back with results , hes thinking something like purple , so if you have anything color schemes that would be awesome. thanks guys hope to get started soon !!
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First, not everyone here likes beat up guitars. Some people take pride in their instruments and baby them.

Anyway. tell your friend to go to a hardware store and get a pack of assorted sandpaper. They usually come from 60- 220 grit.

And wood filler is wood filler. I got Elmers brand because that's what the store had.

Good luck.
80 grit on a power sander will take the finish down nicely

and + 1 I dont like defects, even worse are the people that purposefully 'vintage' their guitars...

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Purple is the final answer. DO IT
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yea, i wasn`t trying to offend anyone with the "beating up the guitar" it jsut that every other thread i see someone goes OMG stop crying its just a couple of dings, but thanks anyways i`ll tell my friend tommorrow and absentmind we dont have a power sander, hes planning to use a palm sander (one of those blocks i think) its going to be long and grueling but it should get the same effect i believe? sorry total nub
Princess Auto is the best place for your tools for this project. I bought a pack of about 10 sanding blocks for 8dollars(Canadian).
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im gonna be completely honest with you and tell you that Jackson are the most fragile bodied guitars i have ever owned

i baby every one of my guitars
and my newest guitar is a King V tht now has 3 small dents in the paint
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