Hi, longtime lurker, first time poster here. I've been thinkin of gettin the Ashdown Mag 300H head and 410T cab. I believe I read somewhere that Ashdown is located in the UK. If so, is there a problem with the plugs if they are plugged into a US socket? Would I need some sort of converter?

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it should be fine as long as you order it from somewhere in the states as opposed to ordering from across the pond.
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If you're buying in the US, it will have a US plug. The only time that would be a concern is if you're buying an amp used from the UK. I bought my Ashdown a few years ago in NJ (at Victor's on 17 before it was bought out by GC) so trust me, you'll be fine. A US store won't sell you an amp that has an international plug.
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Yea, guitar center makes me angry, they don't carry ashdowns or many schecters, so I have to order off the internet. Thanks for the quick responses.
Ashdown, only make the Mark king sif head and kylstoian(sp?) heads in England, The Mag and ABM heads are made in china or similiar. The new US series of heads and cabs are made, guess what in The United states, and OMG but they look amazing.
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