so, i wanted to get a new amp, but my friend and parents are against it, i have a 15 watt line 6 spider 3 whatever it is that i got for christmas this year, but i want a 50 watt carvin nomad amp for $500, im mostly a private player but i eventually want to start a band
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I have the amp too, ashamed as I am. It's actually decent for clean, but the distortion's sucks when you use too much of it. Based on what I've heard, the Peavey Vypyrs and Roland Cubes are great. I've played on a couple, I liked them.
Yeah. Explain these things in detail to your parents using large words and without raising your voice or being obnoxious.
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or explain it into musical terms so they cant undersand
but if its your money
i dont see how its their problem
go with crate if you geting a new amp,i have a crate V 50,its an amazing tube amp for 200,i got that and my crate GLX stack for christmas
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Hell, you're not going to need 50 watts in the short-term. And by the time you need 50-watts, I have no doubt you will be able to easily afford it. Try to get something between 20-30 watts (I suggest a Fender Hot Rod or a Fender Blues Deluxe if that's your thing)
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Yes. Get a new tube amp and try going back to the Line 6. I personally did the same. It was much better than getting my new guitar also.
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