i want a decent acoustic-electric guitar that i can take to college with me since i wont be able to fit my big amp in the dorm. i dont want something super expensive cuz most likely it will get dinged and possibly even stolen, its college! the only parameters are that it must have a cut out and it cant be much over 350 bucks. i have looked at this one here and this one here but is there anything better out there for the price?
i have an ibanez TCY10 talman and it's excellent, you can also plug it in and it sounds great both plugged and unplugged, it doesn't have so much volume unplugged and the neck is so comfortable, it plays like a dream. Check it out! plus, it looks sexy. you're going to college with it, sexyness is kind of important, isn't it ?
im gunna lie, that things kinda ugly, and i read the reviews and they say that it doesnt have a very good tone unplugged. i will be playing alot more unplugged stuff than plugged in, i just want to have the option to plug in if the opportunity arises
Err... Generally, I would say that Ibanez guitars aren't the place people should look for a good acoustic guitar.

This would be one of my top choices for a cheap guitar. Norman, Simon & Patrick, and Art & Lutherie also make a very good guitars in the low end range.
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im not particular to brand or anything, those just caught my eye while searching through the guitars on muscians friend. that yamaha looks great except i NEED a cutout and that doesnt have one
I'm sort of in the same boat as you. However, I plan on using my graduation money and probably some money from working this summer to get something worthwhile. Theres really not much in the $350 range as far as good acoustic electrics go. You could get a good acoustic for that price though.
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honestly, i know 500 bucks is by no means an expensive guitar but i really dont wanna pay that much. i dont need something with killer tone or anything, pretty much just something i can beat around and not care about really
Get a Fender CD140SCE for 300 bucks. It sounds amazing for such a cheap guitar
For $350, there aren't many quality guits with electronics and a cutaway.

You might want to reconsider your need for a cutaway.
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any alvarez, yamaha, or godin manufactured guitar (seagull, art and luthier, and whatever else) are the best in this price range imo.
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If you're going to take it to college, my best recommendation is to just go with a standard acoustic, sans electronics. It will save you the hassle of moving amps and cables (which most people rarely use anyway in a dorm room) and you'll get a better guitar for the money. You can always add pickups later if you must. Seagull makes some nice stuff.
Yamaha, Godin (A&L at that range) are the only real 'good' acoustics at this range. Don't even bother with Ibanez.
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any alvarez, yamaha, or godin manufactured guitar (seagull, art and luthier, and whatever else) are the best in this price range imo.

+1 on this. and note that at your price range you should make sure you get a solid top.
Why do you need a cutaway? If you were willing to forgo the cutaway I'd strongly suggest a Taylor Big Baby. It's small and really portable, and mine's taken quite a few hits against walls and I've traveled a BUNCH and there's no noticeable marks.

If not though, a friend of mine has a Fender that sounds fairly nice that was a cutaway and in your price range.

I think your best bet would be to go to Guitarcenter (or your local music store) and try a bunch out and pick the one that sounds best to you.
as for the taylor big baby, it will probably sound good to begin with because it has clarity and sparkle, but the lack of depth due to slightly smaller body and general construction will make a difference down the road. just keep that in mind. that doesnt mean its a bad guitar.

definitely avoid the electric brands, although many people vouch for epi masterbilts. personally the 3 ive tried sounded really dull and dried out like a beginner guitar, but that might just have been coincidence or bad care.
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I just got an Alvarez RD20 sound fine good acoustic Guitar