Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to buy a Gibson les paul.
My choices WERE 2008 standard or an older standard (2004-07) w/ 60's slim neck.
But today some guy I know (were not friends i just know of him) is selling his Gibson les paul custom shop SLASH VOS for $1200 bucks because he said the economy is kicking his butt.

Anyways I love slash but im not buying a guitar just because its his spec BUT any gibson for 1200 bucks sounds like a good deal to me lol.

Gotta few questions tho...When im trying out this guitar (next week)...
1. How do i find out if this is a real gibson and not just a fake illegal copy.
2. Besides obvious surface blemishes..what are some things I need to look out for.
3. Would you say this is a good deal?
4. ...The more info the better...

Thanks everyone for replying!
check for 2 not 3 screw on truss rod cover, and a slanted headstock.Also, check the pickup cavitys. I belive black means it fake. Also, as long as ithas not problems this would be a great deal.Look for string buzz, warped neck,or anything that seems generally crappy.
what do u mean cavities?
you mean i have to open up the cavity? or just look at the cover
Ultimately, if it feels cheap or uncomfortable to you, just don't get it.
It may be a great deal, and it may be a real Gibson, but if it doesn't feel like you want it to, don't waste your cash.
There's an easy way to tell if it's a fake or not.

Since it's a Custom Shop model, it has to come with a hand signed Certificate Of Authenticity. Every Gibson Custom Shop guitar comes with one. It's actually illegal to sell a Gibson Custom Shop guitar without it, even if you're selling second hand.

Ask to see that. If he hasn't got one, won't show you it or basically for whatever reason you're not able to look at it, then you can almost entirely guarantee it's a fake (and even if it wasn't, him selling it without letting you have the certificate would be illegal anyway).

Assuming the seller does have that and shows you, you should be able to see very clearly whether it's an actual signed certificate or if it is a printed copy. If it's a printed copy, don't touch that guitar.
If it's hand signed, then you're safe.

However that still doesn't mean you should buy it. Every Custom Shop model is shaped and finished by hand, so every single one is different, regardless of what the specifications say. You can get two of the same Custom Shop model side by side and they will feel, weigh and sound completely different.
So even if it is a real Gibson Custom Shop, you still need to sit down with it and play it for about an hour. Then go away, think about how it felt and sounded, then if it felt really good - and I mean absolutely faultlessly the most perfect guitar you could ever imagine - then you go back a day or two later and try it again. If it still feels that great and if you get that buzz when you play it, then you buy it.

For the record, I had to try out around 20 Gibson Custom Shop guitars that were all a bunch of crap until finally I found one which fit me perfectly.
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Holy sweet jesus how much did that gibson cost u like 5k?
1959 was the best year tho :P
Mine was £3200, plus it required driving to the other side of the country and back again (hello rising petrol costs!).

And it's sad that out of all the guitars I tried, most of the Custom Shops weren't even worth £300, let alone £3200. But then again, when I did finally get this one, it is bloody perfect.

Like I said, even if that Slash guitar is a real Gibson, you still need to try it out thoroughly before you buy it and the chances are even if it is real, it probably won't suit you anyway. Buying a Custom Shop guitar isn't a light task.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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