I'm in the school talent show, playing Toccata in D Minor by J.S. Bach.

Any tips for the performance, like stage presence? I do some playing with my teeth and behind my head, a la Jimi Hendrix. Any more ideas?
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Hump the guitar just like he did .

On second thought, no, for some reason I think teachers would disapprove.
i went down the behind the head road b4 in a talent show
ppl dont like it
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Just try not to look stiff on stage and you'll be fine.

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definately light the guitar on fire. especially if it's a school guitar. belligerance is good. general insanity would also be good. but i dunno how well any of this will fit your song?
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Play behind your head with your teeth with your guitar on fire.
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Play behind your head with your teeth with your guitar on fire.

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Play the Bach and after, pause and play Cliffs of Dover or Eruption. Just make sure you play it well if you're going to.

I just assumed you're using an electric guitar.

If you're using a classical, play some Leyendas Asturias.
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