Hey so this is what i have right now, very diverse, i can get all the sounds i want, excpet for a very metal gain like metalcore stuff like metallica/bullet for my valentine/ trivium;

so what i have:

Custom strat w/ Jb bridge& '59 neck;
DB Dunlop Wah;
Mesa Boogie Stilleto Ace 1x12

now on full gain (propperly tailored, not maxed everywhere, but ts9 as pre gain, and overdrive channel at around 3/4 way up; this sound would be similar to the maxed out gain of a jcm800, very cruchy 80's sound such as slash's set up, but im looking for something, a pedal, that i can use (not at the same time as the ts9) to get a very tight metal sound,

now im guessing the stilleto was not ment for super tight metal sound, but im pretty sure with the right pedal i can tailor it propelly, any suggestions?
compressor? volume boost?

i dunno?
But Metallica isn't metalcore

edit: Boss Metal Zone Pedal sounds very tight, I like it
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the reason i ask is that i got a metal muff with top boost to use on the clean channel, so i hooked it up after the tuner before the TS with the voodoo pedal power 2+, but for some reason the sound kept on cutting in and out randomly as though something was shorting, like for a minute it would work well, then the sound would go in and out, and sometimes just cut 90% of sound altogether, i used it on the regular 9v port of the pedal power, any suggestions/ideas?
ZVex Box of Metal

Seriously. Keep your amp clean, use the TS-9 to get it slightly dirty, and use a high gain box like the Box of Metal for all the crazy stuff.
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