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What albums or artists have you heard that just generally have a positive feel/message?

OST - People Under the Stairs
Beats, Rhymes, and Life - A Tribe Called Quest
Essentially anything by the Who
The Gorillaz[/url}
No Rain, bitch.
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Angel - Jack Johnson

Waiting... - City And Colour/Dallas Green

Son Of Sam - Elliott Smith

Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem

Starlight - Muse

Raped By The Light Of Christ - At The Gates
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Rage Against the Machine's "Bullet in the Head" makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Awesome song. "Your brain dead, you got a fu(king bullet in ya head!!"

I love,

R.E.M - Shiny happy people
Spock's Beard. All of it really.
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Rage Against the Machine's "Bullet in the Head" makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

+1 as does taste of my scythe by children of bodom
Pigeon Detectives, Vampire Weekend, Black Kids, MGMT. Too many to mention. :/
Sublime is always "feel good."

NOFX is aggressive but is still has a bit of a happy mood.

Damn, I love NOFX too much. I should stop mentioning them so much
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Echoes by pink floyd. 21 minutes of happiness

I just beat that GOW game for the psp, loved every ****in minute.
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Jimi Hendrix - May This Be Love

Wonderful song. Just discovered it yesterday. Great mood.
Grateful dead
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Wait what?

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Bob Marley.

And Jamiroquai. I don't know how you can't feel happy listening to acid jazz...
ive been listening to fabriclive 39 by DJ Yoda its feel good **** to me
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i was wondering what is some of the stuff you guys would consider better than WOW

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Primus Sucks
feel good hit of the summer - qotsa
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April 19th, 2011: The Night of the Boob

I must object to the gorillaz. So much of it is melancholy or depressing in the lyrics.
but Therapy by The Disco Biscuits is.
I Want One!!!

The Kraftwerkers: The Society for the Appreciation of Kraftwerk
In the lyrics, yes. In the music, I don't find it to be true most of the time.[/url}
September by Earth Wind and Fire = instant happiness
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Ska man, there couldnt be anything happier.

Streetlight Manifesto
The Aquabats
Reel Big fish (if you dont know them already....)

Or Funk

Maceo Parker
James Brown (duh)
Bootsy Collins
EDIT: Earth, wind & fire too (of course!) ^

Thats just a start.
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