It says they will be playing the dr feelgood album all the way through..
yall think they will play other songs too? if not i guess i just wasted 130 bucks
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I'd be surprised if they didnt throw in a couple of the other hits
The Crue usually plays a decent size set, the Feelgood album alone is probably too short
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i dunno but im seeing em tomorrow with theory of a deadman and hinder xD (i only really like crue out of the three)
surely this should rather be in the motley crue thread in the music section

but ah well.

well crue's show usually runs 1 hour 45 mins. therefore they will no doubt do what iron maiden did when they played the whole of amolad. maiden did the full album and then did a mini classic set
so crue will no doubt do the same. play the full dr feelgood album and then do a classics set too. either that or crue will mix and match and basically do the whole feelgood albums while throwing in a classic tracks here and there.
Well i really hope they do.
I love dr feelgood but they have many a better album
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