just practice scales, man. now my picking is faster than my hand on the fret board =P
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for ur wrist u can tremolo pick whenever u need too..im working on it as well and i some good improvements!
Diminished string-skipping arpeggios. Really good for coordination and stretching.


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Uhm... practice and stretching. I'm pretty sure that about covers it.

yeah that about sums it up.

just start at a pace that is slow enough to be clean(if that makes sence) you want to play at a speed were your not making mistakes. then slowly move a little faster but make sure its clean still. and then after you master that speed move faster ect.

try using a metronome to practice your timing.

and about stretching your fingers i would try and space your fingers as far out on your fretboard as possible starting on the first string first fret. and then working your way up to your 6th or 7th or 12th string on your guitar(whichever one you have)
just like the first thing though, practice it slowly to maximize your results
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