bad link?

EDIT: nvm it's just because Sh it is censored.
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Either it means don't Shat as in, "Scary game"

Or literally, "don't shat"...

I wouldn't play it... D:

EDIT: Wow, I'm slow, I didn't realize it said survival horror...

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I snapped my high E once and sliced my finger open, so I can only assume snapping the low E would put me into a coma or something.
this game rules i have all the awards
save the mudkipz
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i would rather have my balls covered in peanut butter and severed slowly with a rusty chainsaw then be siggd
I didn't **** my pants because I took them off.

EDIT: Done. I got all the awards. Now what?
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Of The

UG Challenge

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I didn't **** my pants because I took them off.

I forgot to take mine off, I finally opened the door too
I suck at ****ting,
Anyone wanna help me out?
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****in right budday! grunge is the shiite!

didnt read ur post tho so dont know what im agreeing to.

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Good. More centaur pussy for me.

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God bless you GrungeBeatle

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take off pants, open door, go in bathroom, poop.

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Lol. This is amazing. "You just **** on the floor! Congratulations!"
🙈 🙉 🙊