I need help and I need it quickly at least by tomarrow morning! Ok....

Me and my friend are recording drums for our band. This is how we have it set up:

drum mics->yamaha mixer->rec out RCA cable->Line 1 on toneport ux2->my laptop (Cool Edit Pro 2.0)

EVERY DAMN TIME I try and record drums this happens....latency. I hate it and it only happens when I'm recording drums. Anytime I just use the mic inputs on toneport its fine. But when I record drums using a mixer it has latency. Toneport is supposed to stop the damn latency!!! It doesnt! I tried changing the buffer settings in options on CEP but still does it after about a minute.

What really makes me mad is that I just did the same setup 2 nights ago at a show to record the bands and it worked fine and now when were actually doing some real recording its acting up again.

If anybody can help please let me know....

And no, its not the drivers needing updated either.