im not sure if maton ships to america, but in australia they're pretty popular. i've played 4 models myself: the ms2000DX and ms500 and two acoustics which were the nicest acoustics i've ever played!

now im thinking of buying a maton as im saving up some money and cant decide between a HH or SSS setup but seeing as maton guitars have coil tap and i haven't played a maton i haven't liked it seems the way to go.

Gear prices in aus generally suck (thats what we get for living on an island in the middle of nowhere) but maton guitars are very well priced for the quality they give.

Have any of you guys played maton guitars, what do you think of them
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I've heard great things but never played one. Mostly heard about there acoustics being good tho, but i think if you've played one before and you liked it then go for it