Our band consists of only two people right now, me (vocals and guitar) and our drummer. I'll get a song sample up here tomorrow as we just recorded our first demo. But is two people enough to go and gig with and write until we can collect more members for our band?
Defiantly get a bass player. I haven't heard your recording yet but songs always sound fuller with a bass line. Get a bass player and then worry about getting shows.
I'll write more about us tomorrow lol on lunch break and strapped for time. Just wanted to get some answers.

Yeah bass helps songs more than most people would realize. We recorded our first demo on a cheap system but a friend's band owns a studio and when we record there, if we dont already, I'll record the bass in...I've done a little bit of it. I would rather play bass over guitar because mixing in lead/rythm guitar with vocals can be tricky.
What does the playing have to do with the mixing? But as hard as it can be to find a bass player, just ask everybody, you'd be as surprised as me to find out how many people play the bass.
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You don't need a bassist but it depends on how you play and what you play. You could also play bass instead of guitar and run effects through it or switch playing each. I really like minimalist bands, you just have to be creative. These are things you could do

Play with a loop pedal
Use an octave pedal and drop the octave down for the bass part and loop it.
Split the signal between a guitar amp and bass amp. Run your effects (distortion, etc) through the guitar amp and clean tone through the bass amp (with the equalizer set up for a really low end sound)
Use heavier strings and lower tunings

I play in a two piece band and I actually haven't done any of these and it still works. I'd like to try some octave shifting once I get better with the loop pedal. But on the other hand, we play noise, psychedelic, lo-fi type stuff with spoken word sections, so I guess it depends what you play. But if you can't find a bass player, don't let it stop you.

Some good two piece bands:

No Age
the Black Keys
Talk Normal
Some bands can function with not many people...but you don't start out genius. If you want to book gigs, get a bassist. Maybe even a session musician.
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guys aint a VOCAL=GUITAR+DRUM=3piece band??!

eeh.....no. "(Xnumber)-piece" is how many PEOPLE there are, not how many instruments. hence if a band had a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and a vocalist who also played occasional harp, tambourine, trumpet and hammond organ (don't see why not >.> they would still be a 4-piece band (or a quartet), not an 8-piece (...octet?)
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I have the same setup (I'm guitar/vox) and I use delay and reverb extensively, avoid guitar solos like the plague, and keep the distortion down, as distortion almost always comes hand in hand with compresson, and that's no good when you're trying to be basically an entire band by yourself.
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eh i meant a separate vocalist

Well he said he does guitar and vocals and has a drummer. pretty clearly 2 people, thus 2-piece. Not quite sure where this seperate vocalist of yours is coming from
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Split the signal between a guitar amp and bass amp. Run your effects (distortion, etc) through the guitar amp and clean tone through the bass amp (with the equalizer set up for a really low end sound)

That's how Early Man started, isn't it? They later acquired a bassist and a second guitar player based on the strength of their material. That's probably the method I would with until you can get a bassist.

Good luck.
We started of as a two piece me on guitar and a kick ass drummer we had no vocals but managed a couple of gigs on the strength of our playing together. we soon picked up a guitarist/vocalist and i switched back to bass now Im loving being in a power trio