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52 78%
15 22%
Voters: 67.
A friend of mine made a comment today that bagels are God's gift to Breakfast. I have to agree with him. So Pit, do you eat breakfast, and if so, what do you eat?
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Only idiots skip breakfast.

I usually eat Cheerios because I'm awesome.
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I have a cigarette and a bottle of water every morning. that's all I usually have time for.
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Only idiots skip breakfast.

I usually eat Cheerios because I'm awesome.

F*ck Yeah!
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Rasin Bran Ftw!!
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i don't usually eat breakfast. i have class at 9am every day so i usually get up with just enough time to get ready and go to class.

i usually eat right after class though, like around 10:30-11:30. so thats sometimes close to breakfast, but usually closer to lunch.

brunch perhaps?
corndogs and tamales or a microwave meal thing, today i had a blimpies sub
Breakfast rocks.

Good ole' greasy breakfast with bacon, sausages, fried eggs, hashbrown and all that good stuff.
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I do frequently eat breakfast, but it varies dramatically depending on what's available to me.

Never anything ultra interesting, the most involved I get is making myself a bacon/ham, egg and cheese bagel/english muffin.

**** YEAH!
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Yes, I eat breakfast because I'm not a fool. you need it to get your body going. If you don't eat your body actually preserves more fat. So nerr.

I eat what I feel like. Cereal, toast, crumpets. Meh whatever.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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5 eggs (1 yolk + 5 egg whites) scrambled, big bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas in it.

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Rasin Bran Ftw!!

2 Scoops of WIN!!!!
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i love breakfast but never wake up early enough to eat it...
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instead of breakfeast, I sleep an extra 20 mins
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Definately. Every day.
Unless I wake up at like 2 pm, then there's no point really.
I have cereal. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Shreddies, Frosties and sugar puffs are the best.
Bagels are awesome too.
I don't eat breakfast.
I haven't in so long, the most I'd be able to eat in the morning is probably like a slice of cheese or something.
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Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. It depends upon what food we have in the house and what time I wake up.
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My breakfast consists of Corn Pops and a bottle of water. Sometimes I also have a Snickers bar.

I'm going to die. =(
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I usually eat Cheerios because I'm awesome.

ffuuuuuuk man I would kill for some Cheerios rite now. But some strawberries and sugar on dat. MMM mmm.

Oh yeah, bagels are good too.
I usually have a bagel with two fried eggs and cheese. And I drink copious amounts of coffee.