So i used to elbow pick, and i never got any pain. But i switched to wrist just because it's proper. But now i'm getting these elbow pains and forearm pains. My elbow gets all stiff...
Does this happen to everyone while practicing? Or does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?
are you tensing up your biceps/triceps or shoulder muscles? ideally you want your arm/shoulder to be loose and relaxed
This isn't normal. It's probably tension. Focus REALLY hard on the areas that hurt. that'll give you a nice place to start. If you find any tension, stop, relax it, and start playing again. DO NOT tense up. I'm really tired tonight...so unless anyone else helps you out, I'll check back tomarrow and try to give a little more detail.
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How much slower are you playing now?

You can't learn a whole new picking style overnight. My guess would be that you're playing with far too much tension, as newguy said.

Yeah, I probably should have mentioned the slow thing. Even if I was tired last night. Listen to Freepower. He knows what he's talking about. The fact is, learning a new picking style, for me, was a quick process because I was practicing at extremely slow speeds. At all times I was making sure that my picking technique didn't change back to my old one. I was playing at about 50BPM using 8th notes. That's 25BPM at 16th's. I did this constantly for about a half an hour/day every day of the week. Doing this, it took me only about a week to get semi-comfortable with my new picking technique.

This may not be how you want to learn it, and I don't expect you to follow the same process I did. Nobody learns the same way. This was just my favorite way to learn.
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