I own a Line 6 Spider II (zomg, that amp sucks). I know. I've heard it all. Regardless, I've still mustered a good distortion and clean tone out of it. But, I need a bit of advice. I'm about to play a gig in the next month that requires me to switch between the clean and distortion tones quite a bit in the middle of a song, and I really don't want to have to stop playing, press the button on the amp to switch settings, and start playing again. IN fact, that would be impossible.
So, my question is: Is there a foot-pedal that would allow me to switch between my different custom channels on my Line 6 Spider II???
Thanks for the help.
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which watt version is it ?
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Line 6 make footswitches for Spiders, go to a local store that carries the amp and see about ordering one
Or just simply use the clean tone you have in the amp and use a distortion pedal for dirty