Can anyone recommend me a set of strings that are .013 gauge (high e of course) with a plain g string? I keep buying strings that do not specify if it's plain or wound on the package and keep getting wound g strings I don't like to play. Thank You.
I've not found a set of .013's with a plain G, but both Ernie Ball and D'addrio (whatever) have a set of .012's with a plain G.

Also, try a set of flatwounds
I have flatwounds for my gibson 335 for Wes Montgomery thumb jazz...but for my strat i need a set of .013's that have a plain G...What is the specific name of the set that you had found?
Has anyone played Dean Markleys Blue steel strings? Thay have a plain steel .026 G string but it says cryogenic. What effect does that have on the tone of the instrument?
Dean Markleys are fairly bright sounding strings, the cryogenic thing is supposed to make them last longer.
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