Stuck running thoughts:
:01 i like the riffs
:10 the vocals are a bit hard. more reverb might help this.
:35 I like that the lead line pans
:58 doubled lead is nice
1:11 half time kinda worked. There was a bit of clipping kinda here
1:40 "BREAK!" yeah i liked it. and is that beatboxing going on in the background? it sounds cool regardless.
2:12 sweet and simple little exit guitar part. I liked it.

TIME TO Running thoughts:
:01 talking is good
:03 scream was really really well done, nice and full.
:05 after the scream there is a bit of a let down in levels. which kinda works
:41 beatboxing was nice. all one take?
:59 I am really likeing the vocals. they have a very sublime kinda feel.
1:30 background vocals are interesting. i would add some reverb.
1:40 i laughed. good vocal beats throughout man.
2:00 I like the guitar part quite a bit.
2:17 yay for the beats. they were sick

Storms of Madness running thoughts:
:01 dual rhythm guitars sound nice and thick. though the right ear is a bit late. I kinda like this in all honesty though. . .
:05 the solo guitar is nice and clear and is a good song
:54 the vocals again are nice, easy to understand and have great tonal qualities.
1:04 second lead really adds to this. not overdone, but just enough to make it full.
1:27 ahhh dang its over. . .


I really liked these songs.
best hiphop/rap/whatever this is music I have heard in a long time. It reminded me of sublime minus the ska/reggae part. (ehh did that make sense?)
It was great. and im looking forward to hearing more.