so as it stands im still using my old Crate FXT120, which in all honesty didnt deserve to be discountinued, its a hell of an amp all around
but id like somethin smaller and more toneful, ya know? im thinking tubes, maybe a junior or something of the sort
now what id like to ask you guys is this, do you know of any little known amp companies that have cheapish (around maybe $550?) combos that have either unique or really fender-ish sounds?
idk, i guess i just dont really want a fender amp, i love them but im tired of seeing them i guess.....
maybe its not even that, ive no clue
but yeah if you could reccomend some cool stuff preferably with links and prices id be much obliged
i just found another job so im gonna have some kind of cash flow, probably not much, but enough to charge a small amp to my visa ;D

this is me, to show the kind of stuff i play
(if this is considered spam ill take it down, no problem yo)
I was about to suggest a krank rev jr cause I think they kick ass for a small amp but afterlistening to your tracks I don't know if it is quite what you're going for. You could try the valve jr though I have on and I kinda wish it had more tonal control than a volume knob.