I'll tell you straight up it's not the greatest thing ever. Bars 1 - 31 are pretty horrible if I'm honest, just seems like you were putting time sig changes in there for the sake of it because none of it fitted in with anything else. Perhaps you were going for that but it wasn't my cup of tea. 32 - 57 I liked but you could do without the saw tooth lead. 95 - 113 I really liked, thought it was the best part of the song. Liked the next bit too but not 117, I think if you did a different progression it would be good because I think the change in time sig fitted here. 126 - 130 was pretty cool too. 131 - 158 were a bit like the intro in the sense it didn't really fit. 159 - End, nice end for the song, good rhythm.
Only thing I'd concern are the tonalities you get from FX3 channel, they drag the harmony in to bit wrong direction, doesn't seem to complicate the bass and saw lead too well.

Otherwise good job, though you might want to beware those one-bar-times-seven repeats, I'd to them seperate and add some tiny bit of variations in them. On the other hand, sometime the stuck record sound as an effect works out fine.
holy ****, either you just decided to abuse guitar pro by making something impossible to play/memorize/keep beat with, or you thought all this up in your head first and you are one twisted person XD
Psyopus!!! love those guys

bro, everying time you bring out another song i get all exited cause i know its going to be mental. do you have any recordings? can u pm me about that please?

ok you intro riff is perfect. a great start to such chaos. the next riff a bar 4 is allright. the lead at bar 8 is really cool. its almost moving. but somthing tells me that you want people to feel sick when the hear this. the next bit that stood out is bars 11 - 20. the chords at the end sounds soooo good. and that high bit just messes me up. and the groove after that had me nodding along. ausm chords in the 7/8 btw. again another cool groove, wasnt keen on the lead bits though. i reckon you should use somthing else. try to keen electical stuff out of this peice. allthough having said that it sorta works in bar 62. 95 - 96. good stuff right there. bar 98, by this point im really bored of the mindless groove thing. 114 is ace, nothing beats a groove in 4/4. 131, this is a quality piece of death metal. the lead is abit off though, most likley just guitar pro. thats piano is creepy man. great groove with the 5/4 . the ending was a TOTAL let down. you sould really take another look at that.

mind checking out mine?
Dude, good work. This is probably your best work to date.

The intro is great - sounds a lot like something TDEP would start with, good drums too. Bars 6 - 7 make a good transition into the small lead guitar part before a good tempo change that I didn't notice greatly (good thing).
Bars 15 - 20 got my head bobbing as I listened, very crazy sounding lead; where you make it repeat four times on each part (bars 20/22) change it from four times to two times on both. Makes it sound better in my opinion.
From bar 38, it starts sounding REALLY weird although somehow you've made the synth work well amongst the rest of the song. Bars 58 - 61 are good, but feel too much like a filler than an established riff.
62 - 85 is probably the strangest part of the song. It works as a mood change to all the chaos before and yet to come. Don't change anything there.
87 - 88 is good but change the drums slightly. Probably works for this type of song but it didn't work for me.
106 - 133 is probably one of my favourite parts of this song. It just sounds so cool and evil .
Nothing really caught me until up to 148 where I laughed as I've never actually heard a piano playing out of key this much. This part is okay, but once again feels a bit too much like a filler. I could be wrong.
154 - 158. Didn't really like this riff at all, it just sounded annoying and yes in a mathcore song mostly anything can go but not this. Change it maybe?
The outro is good, ending on a nice solid beat, reminded me of Baby's First Coffin by TDEP.

All in all, probably your best work I've heard so far - my fav. before being The Mad Juggler (this tops it). Good work 9/10.
Oh man, awesome updates - I love the new part. Also good work on changes a few of those riffs, the new ones are much better.
The new riff starting at 154 is really good, one that I definitely thought stood out. As for the new use of effects, it's quite amazing how you use the bass + lead as a sort of synthy drum effect. Good changes.