I was at a guitar lesson this afternoon, and my teacher, who's been pushing my getting a new guitar told me about an ex-student of his, who is selling a guitar.
It's a Strat Plus, not sure on the year, but he believes it to be around 15 years old?
It's got the lace sensors and the locking machine heads.
I'm told it's in excellent condition, and he said he'd organise for me to check it out if I'm interested.
$1400 is the price on it.
I was wondering if anyone had experience with Strat Plus', as I'm not too familiar with the model. I'd not heard the name before today.
Does this price sound good?

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I'm pretty sure the youngest it could be is 1994. A serial number would really help clear everything. But if it's what I think it is, $1,400 is a steal. GO for it.

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I'll make sure to check the serial,
My teacher's played it, and he said it's an excellent guitar.
Was going to buy it himself, but he didn't have the cash, so he put it to me.
It's in a honey blonde, with a white perloid pickguard.
Not a huge fan of bees
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