I'm looking to buy a guitar pretty soon! I have a budget of about $650 USD.

I've been looking at Jackson and Ibanez guitars lately. In a best case scenario, the guitar would have a decent floyd rose, 24 frets, and most importantly, a thin neck. I guess Ibanez would be the best choice here, but I'm very wary of the Edge III bridge -- I've heard from a few of my friends that they're junk (don't hold tune too well and will need to be replaced in a matter of years).

I've also been looking at the ESP LTD MH-401QM, but I'm not entirely sure what a Floyd Rose Special is... Also, this guitar is a bit pricier than my budget. Would it be worth getting this one if I could come up with the extra cash? Here's the guitar I'm talking about:

So anyway, I'm open to suggestions. And as always, thanks for the help guys!
The FR Special is a 'legit' FR (i.e. it is made by Floyd Rose, not a copy), it's just made in China (at least I think it's China. It might be Taiwan. Er, one of the two) rather than America. It's not going to be as good as an actual Original Floyd Rose or a Schaller Floyd Rose, but it'll be better than an Edge III, and since it is the same dimensions as an Original FR, you could take it out and replace it with an Original Floyd Rose without any trouble.

I won't say anything more though since I'm too heavily biased towards ESP and against Ibanez.
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The Edge III of my Ibanez was not too bad but after I have installed a Rockinger Black Box (http://www.rockinger.com/index.php?lang=ENG&list=WG076) it is absolutely stable and stays in tune no matter what I do.
So go for the Ibanez and get the black box.
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I think Ibanezs are great guitars ...for the money as well
Since you got me started on Ibanez..
I sold my Ibanez RG2550e Prestige (discontinued) for 400 bucks canadian because im a moron and i regret it everyday.
I was such a nice guitar ....made in japan... almost flawless craftmanship.
reason i sold it was i wanted an ESP

to person that bought it: I hope u treasure it more than I did ...great guitar rock on
Alright, so it definitely seems like an Ibanez is the general consensus, despite the edge III...

So which Ibanez guitar around $650 do you guys recommend? I'd prefer new -- I've had a bad experience with used guitars.


Also, about the black box -- is it designed to force the tremolo into only doing dives? Or does it allow you to both dive and pull up? Seems like quite the accessory if it does the latter...
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Try the S470. It has a thin neck, but only 22 frets (doesn't make that much of a difference imo...). Most importantly, it has a double locking tremolo that is actually good.

Or try one of these:
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So today at Daddy's Junky Music they had a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser and I actually enjoyed the neck on it! 24 frets, 81/89 active pickups, an official floyd rose, and in a classy white color. They have it used and are asking $600 for it... but here's the catch -- it doesn't come with a case, it needs to be set up badly, and its got a small amount of body damage on the back (a small amount of wood and paint chipped off).

My question now is whether or not I should negotiate the price. My gut says yes -- but how much should I bargain for? I feel as though if I play my cards right I could get it for 500 possibly... (although I've never attempted a negotiation at a guitar store). What do you guys think?