fat strats were like 400 bucks a month ago and now theyre up to 549. i shouldve bought it sooner =( will it go down in like, the next year?
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Nope. Economy will continue to drop, for more than the next year.

That said you're referring to the RRP, and if you buy a guitar in person you should be able to get a discount that will make you happier with the price.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
yeah the recession in the US is nutty...

we have it pretty bad in AUS too

buy second hand, as long as its in good condish with the electronics and playability and the frets are fresh thats pretty much all that matters
I bought a Fernandes Revelle DK signiture model from Aus' at Xmas time and saw it go up $400-$600 over night! (while I watched the xchange rate go down) but still got it and it plays and sounds F@#$ing awesome. Prices in NZ have increase 20-30% since the beginning of the year and as AlanHB stated it's here to stay. Try to buy in person and cash talks when it comes to the sale always having the folding in front of you will help swerve the sale to be cheaper as the general shop owner pays 3% on most visa type transactions. We've had it pretty good over here for the last several years and its coming to an end.

Technically if the shop is keeping it's normal margin they are making more profit at the end of each sale.
Yeah it's happening here too. And it was way too expensive even before the economy crashed. Good thing I already have two amazing guitars...
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Ibanez guitars have gone up in price aswell like REALY gone up alot. It's rediculous, I think there just using the economic fall as an excuse to bang there guitar up a couple of hundred quid/bucks.