I've just finished learning Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix and this has coniciding with a small part of my guitar breaking (it's a beginner guitar). Rather than send it off to get fixed i'd rather just buy a new one.

I dont know much about buying a guitar and the guitars i have gotten were gifts. I hate buying things only to find they are obsolete and so i was wondering if you guys can reccomend any guitars or types of guitars.

- Budget is not a problem.
- Im addicted to Jimi Hendrix, and my guitar has been tuned half a step down for the past 6 months.
- I've also been interested in playing queens of the stoneage and mettalica.

Any constructive comment is greatly appreciated, thanks.
I'd go for a fender strat/tele, but if you're looking at doing some metallica and heavier stuff, you might want to consider getting something by esp.

edit: a guitar won't become obsolete. don't worry about that.
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For your use, i would recommend getting a guitar with humbuckers. Even though Hendrix used single coils humbuckers would not sound stupid. And as far as metallica goes, a bridge humbucker is a must. Try out some diffferent models, gibson, esp and stuff down that line. Then find what you like the most
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A HSS strat might be the best for you.

And you could upgrade the humbucker if you want too
HSS strat with coil split on the humbucker.
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Whats a HSS stratocaster? Does it indicate a single coiled humbucker? How do i identify one?