It was relatively cheap, priced at AUD$14.95 and purchased from Allans Music on Pitt Street. What are some not-overly-impossible acoustic guitar songs that involve a capo? Now that I actually own one, I can't think of anything that might actually use it, except for Goo Goo Dolls - Slide (the version that I play, anyway). Anything from beginner-intermediate, from simple chord-strumming for well-known songs or medium-level soloing is fine. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: The only ones I can think of at the moment are:
Goo Goo Dolls - Slide
Panic! At The Disco - Northern Downpour
Coldplay - Viva La Vida

EDIT 2: Oh, and add James Blunt - You're Beautiful to that list, too! o_0
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a lot of music by pete murray
or.. john butler trio
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Goo Goo Dolls have got other capo songs, can't list off the top of my head tho. Just check out the tabs see whats what. You can also take songs you already now and play capo in different positions. You can get some great tones doin that. Fall To Pieces, Razorlight is a nice easy capoed song. Capoed on 7th fret

EDIT: fall to pieces has got a really chimey tone to it with it being capoed so high
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title and registration by death cab for cutie uses a capo, and its really fun to play, nice finger picking technique used
nice! i just bought a capo today too =]
well, a second one, i left my first one from a long time ago somewhere and i havent been able to find it for a few weeks so i just shelled out 20$ and got a new one.

anyways, i like to not limit myself to using capos just for playing songs at the same pitch the original was played at. even if a song says it's capo'd at the 4th for example, if i can't sing it at that pitch, i will move the capo around until i find a pitch that is right for my voice. often i'll end up capoing about 1 or 2 frets down from the original because my voice is kinda low and matches that range.

and i like playing I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, the capo'd version, not the bar chorded one.
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Thanks very much for the replies! Aah, how could I forget Wonderwall?! Cool, what kind of capo did you buy, istealpants? Mine was a random no-brand "Kyser" one. o_0

I'm finding it a bit annoying to have to constantly re-shift the capo up and down with every new song, though. Grr.
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Capo at 2nd fret:
"Norwegian Wood" - The Beatles

Capo at 4th fret:
"William It Was Really Nothing" - The Smiths

Capo at 5th fret:
"Better Than Them" - New Model Army

Capo at 7th fret:
"Here Comes The Sun" - The Beatles
"If I Needed Someone" - The Beatles
"Scarborough Fair" - Simon and Garfunkel
Quote by zephyrclaw
Thanks very much for the replies! Aah, how could I forget Wonderwall?! Cool, what kind of capo did you buy, istealpants? Mine was a random no-brand "Kyser" one. o_0

I'm finding it a bit annoying to have to constantly re-shift the capo up and down with every new song, though. Grr.

Kyser isn't no name as far as capos from what I understand.
Audioslave-Be Yourself
Easy, fun and just plain awesome. Capo is at 2nd fret. There are some good tabs on this site.
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If your capo can fret partially I suggest Rylynn by Andy McKee. Beautiful tune with partially capo on 3rd to 6th string on the 5th fret
I think you'd have a ton of fun with many Jars Of Clay songs. Lots of their songs involve capos. And also Nashville tuning EABEBE, which sounds lovely especially with a capo on the 3rd or 2nd fret. Anyone that appreciates acoustic music will love these guys and they're writing style. There's plenty of good tabs for their songs on UG.
You're Beautiful by James Blunt i think is on the 8th?
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im yours-jason mraz

both great songs and pretty easy
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yea dude
wonderwall-oasis, is a great one
hotel california-eagels, is pretty simple
if the moon fell down tonight-chase coy is a very simple song and you sound amazing playin it
goooooood luck XD
the majority of City and Colour songs use a capo and theyre pretty solid in my opinion. his (dallas green) playing isnt too difficult because he plays and sings simultaneously. check out "hello im in delaware" and "sometimes (i wish)" by him.
Thanks for the replies! I thought of another random question today, though. Is it detrimental to a guitar's health if a capo is left on the neck for too long? For example, could this lead to warped wood, or anything to that effect? Eek! 'tis indeed a scary thought!
hallelujah - jeff buckley
I will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

both 5th fret capo
I dont think being too long would be bad. I mean, its not like you are leaving this capo on for days at a time. But see, having the capo on the same spot constantly will bend your strings a little in that spot from the constant pressure. Your strings *are* metal. metal *does* bend.

And from the amount of pressure its mostly pressing from the bottom and top. Thats why the clamp on the bottom of the neck should be enough on there that you arent barely on it.

"Too long" shouldnt be an issue if you take it off when you arent playing. I dont think most people play for more than a few hours straight. So when you are done for a while just take it off. Thats at least how I do it. But then again I dont have a capo on the same spot for hours at a time anyways. I'm usually playing another song by then.