is there a place on the ug forum where you can debate with mods and admins, about their decisions and come with suggestions on other ways to settle things?
Not really, except the Forum of the Banned (FotB) where banned users can appeal their bans. Other than that, the mods decide on how they work by themselves... you can always PM a mod with suggestions, and if the mod in question likes your suggestions, he/she might take it to the other mods to discuss it!

Hope that helps
problem is some mods, just make a decision and are completely oblivious to other suggestions, and aren't even open to discussion even on pm's.i think it would be a good idea to have a forum or maybe just thread where people could come with ideas to how the forum could get better.
Site Feedback? PM a mod? What do you want to debate?
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generally some things concerning the metal and hardcore thread. since the metal forum doesn't want people talking about metalcore and neither does the hardcore forum, i though that perhaps a seperate forum for metalcore would settle it.
there was talk of changing the forum setup in regards to metal/metalcore/hardcore... i'll check the secret forum and see if anything was decided
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i have brought the topic up once again for discussion by the mods, as last time we all couldn't come to a logical conclusion on the matter.
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